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Meet the Link+

LiveCare is leading the Medical Alert and Remote Patient Industries into the 21st century by creating the Link+, its patented 4G Smart Home Gateway that integrates all the Medical Devices in the patient’s home by using LiveCare’s proprietary touch-free Syncing Process. The Link+ helps overcome the significant RPM deployment challenges in monitoring in-home patients allowing for better communication and improved patient outcomes.

The Link+ is fully reimbursable through Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance using multiple CPT codes

The Link+ is mobile (4G) and always connected to the 4G network without the need of connecting the patients to any Wi-Fi network. Once the patient uses the home monitoring devices, the data is transmitting through the Link+ straight to the LiveCare HIPAA cloud. In case of a decline with the patient’s health condition, the system will automatically generate an alert to a call center or directly to the provider, which can be escalated to a video call at any time directly to the Link+.

Our Solutions

Home Health Care

LiveCare Link+, is revolutionizing the Home Healthcare industry by bringing 24/7 Home Healthcare to the masses.  No longer will it be for the privileged few. Link+ benefits Home Healthcare Agencies and patients by providing more care with fewer resources.


The Link+ operates as a unique remote monitoring gateway which allows Health Care Providers and Healthcare Systems to track and monitor multiple vital signs of patients remotely all while providing a streamlined documentation and billing process for the medical staff.


More than an Emergency Response Device (ERD) the Link+ is a complete wellness tool.  LiveCare has maintained the classic functionality of an ERD with a new, seamless look. Feel safe knowing that the professional 24/7 call center is just the push of a button away.

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