About LiveCare

LiveCare has brought the Remote Patient Monitoring Industry into the 21st century by creating the Link+, a 4G Smart Home Gateway that integrates all the Medical Devices in the patient’s home by using a touch-free Syncing Process. The Link+ helps overcomes the significant RPM deployment challenges, monitor chronic care patients and increasing better patient outcomes.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare cost and to lower readmission. We aim to achieve this by lowering ER visits to the hospital, increasing patient compliance & engagement after care.

CEO/Founder Peri Avitan, who recognized a gap in the RPM market after working 18 years in the industry brought LiveCare to become the most innovative RPM Company in the market.

With over 30 years of combined experience across research & development, sales and understanding of the user mentality, team LiveCare is based in NYC.

About American Telemedicine

American Telemedicine was founded in recognition of the changes taking place in the Home Care industry and the increasing importance of telemedicine. American Telemedicine is excited to partner with LiveCare to help bring better Home Healthcare to millions of Americans. American Telemedicine CEO Lou Biasi, is a veteran of the Home Healthcare Industry running All County Health Care, Inc. a home healthcare agency created thirty years ago for the benefit of seniors in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Mr. Biasi founded All County with 3 original patients after his father needed home healthcare services while suffering from a long illness. Despite having many more than the 3 original patients, Mr. Biasi has ensured All County has never wavered from his patient first approach.

That patient first belief is what led to the partnership with LiveCare to bring better home care to seniors. Recognizing America’s expanding aging population and the rising costs for caring for them, American Telemedicine believes LiveCare has a tremendous future in revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

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