Meet the Link+

LiveCare is leading the Medical Alert and Remote Patient Industries into the 21st century by creating the Link+, its patented 4G Smart Home Gateway that integrates Medical Devices in the patient’s home by using LiveCare’s proprietary touch-free Syncing Process. The Link+ protects you on the go by always being connected to the 4G network. However, it also Wi-Fi compatible and provides the option to connect to a Wi-Fi network when you choose. Always feel safe knowing that help is just the push of a button away. The emergency response feature still maintains its classic functionality but with a new seamless look.

Once the patient uses the home monitoring devices, the data is transmitting through the Link+ straight to the LiveCare HIPAA cloud. In case of a decline with the patient’s health condition, the system will automatically generate an alert to a call center or directly to the provider, which can be escalated to a video call at any time directly to the Link+. While the Link+ comes with a Pulse Oximeter and Blood Pressure monitor ask about our suite of additional monitoring product that connect directly to the device.

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