For Physicians

The Link+ operates as a unique remote monitoring gateway which allows Health Care Providers and Healthcare Systems to track and monitor multiple vital signs of patients with chronic conditions remotely. Using our proprietary HIPAA compliant & FDA cleared home gateway, the Link+ is designed to be placed at the patient’s home with a very simple user engagement by eliminating the need for apps or any long and messy Bluetooth pairing.

Patients will simply use the home monitoring devices (Blood Pressure, SPO2, Glucometer, Scales etc.) without opening separate apps or a complicated Bluetooth pairing process. The Link+ will automatically capture and upload all the data from the medical devices directly to the individual patient page, within the provider’s secure LiveCare portal for easy review. Inside the portal the provider can simply set parameters from the readings that if triggered, will automatically generate an alert to a provider of your choosing or the 24/7 staffed call center. The device also provides the ability to directly interact with their patients via text, video or audio calls.  

Reviewing a patient’s medical data, notes to the file or communication directly with the patient is easily recorded using the LiveCare system. Each individual staff member’s interaction with the patient or their data made within the LiveCare system will automatically be timed and logged in the portal, to provide easy documentation for billing records.

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